5 days with Linda Parelli – Are you ready to take it even further? Linda is coming back to stretch your knowledge and skills to the next level!

Het Lage Woud – Steenwijk, The Netherlands – 28 sept – 2 okt 2018 – Masterclass advanced with Linda Parelli

What to expect?

Are you ready to take the plunge?
Great! We are too!
After last years first dive, we will now explore more in depth.

The curriculum for this Masterclass Advanced is quite exciting.

  • Liberty gets another dimension and Leadership will be taken to the next level.
  • What does Self-Mastery look like and how do you apply this, not only in the relationship between you and your horse, but also in life in general?
  • As this is an advanced Masterclass, we will step away from the Finesse babysteps and look into the fundamentals of performance, developing healthy biomechanics in more advanced exercises and start building our lateral work.
  • As we look for more quality, more understanding, more depth and more connection, we need to raise our expectations.
  • We need to grow and develop personally as much as we ask of our horses.
  • Interesting discussions, simulations and lectures will provide food for thought and tools to grow.

With that said, it’s not only the thought that needs to be fed.

Therefore we will provide also body food.

  • Exercises that help your body to get smarter and create more balance.

And yes…there will be actual food too ?

  • Good food, healthy food, because that will keep your brain and body happy!

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If not, too bad we have to miss you!


“You have to love horses, to want to be partners, to empower them, and to engage in a conversation rather than simply giving them instructions to follow. Some people think their techniques are important, but when you put the relationship first, it impacts your feel and timing. Anyone can make a horse do something, but can you get them to want to do it?”

Teacher and lifelong student; Co-founder of Parelli Natural Horsemanship; Founder of Pegasus Personal Growth; Creator of Horsenality and The Finesse Manual; Writer of Confidence for women.

Check the website at: https://lagrandecorsa.nl/

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